Terms & Conditions

for participation in seminars (discussion meetings) organized by remspace a.s. 


remspace a.s., ID number: 28224451, VAT number: CZ28224451,

registered office at U Nikolajky 1085/15, 150 00 Prague 5,

registered in section B, file 13824 of the commercial register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague,

bank connection: ČSOB, account name: remspace a. s., bank account number: 282503545/0300.

Terms and conditions:

  • The customer obligatorily orders the participation of the participant in the seminar (discussion meeting) by the proper organizer in such a way that the organizers fill in all the mandatory data marked with an asterisk in the text in the online application form published on the website, as well as voluntarily and optional data about the participants, as the case may be to your person and about the contact on the contact with the data, or to yourself on the form, that you agree that you agree with the organizer for the fulfillment that you participate in the registered participants with information related to the processing of personal data of their personal data by their administrator, and sends the completed form to the organizer.
  • The organizer accepts the order by sending an e-mail message to the customer, which will contain confirmation of the participation of the participants registered by the order at the seminar (discussion meeting) organized by the organizer, and the attachment of which will be an automatically generated proforma advance invoice, for which the organizer will charge the customer the participation fee.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the scope, content or date of the seminar (discussion meeting) for urgent reasons.
  • The organizer reserves the right not to accept the order and/or to unilaterally cancel the accepted order and return the paid participation fee to the customer in the event that the number of participants exceeds the capacity of the conference hall in which the seminar (discussion meeting) is to be held.
  • The customer is not entitled to unilaterally change, cancel, cancel, revoke, terminate, or withdraw from the order accepted by the organizer, even due to force majeure.
  • The customer undertakes to pay the participation fee to the organizer by the due date indicated in the proforma advance invoice, but no later than by the time the seminar (discussion meeting) starts.
  • The client is entitled to propose in writing to the organizer a change to the order accepted by the organizer only to the extent that another person or persons who meet the eventual conditions of participation will participate in the seminar (discussion meeting) in place of the participant or participants registered by the client as a substitute participant or participants. This change is effective upon its written confirmation by the organizer. In connection with the change confirmed by the organizer, the organizer will charge the customer the difference between the participation fee for the substitute participant or substitute participants and the participation fee for the originally registered participant or participants, if there is no substitute participant or the substitute participants do not meet the conditions under which the organizer provided a discount on the participation fee to the original participant or original participants.
  • The organizer is entitled not to allow participation in the seminar (discussion meeting) to a person for whom the participation fee has not been paid properly and on time.
  • The customer agrees that the organizer issues invoices, proforma advance invoices and credit notes in .pdf format and sends them to the e-mail address that the customer gave to the organizer in the application form, or in writing when it is changed later. In this context, the customer declares that he actively uses the e-mail address that he communicated to the organizer, and also that he has the means necessary to receive, verify and open the proforma advance invoice, invoice and credit note that the organizer will send him in .pdf format. The proper tax document issued by the organizer will contain all the requisites of a tax document according to § 29 paragraph 1 of Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on value added tax, as amended.
  • The customer agrees that the organizer is entitled, at its own discretion, to publish on its website in connection with the seminar (discussion meeting) organized by the organizer the first and last name and academic degrees and/or company or name not only of the customer, but also of the participants whose participation in seminar (discussion meeting) was ordered by the customer and who actually participated in the given seminar (discussion meeting). Furthermore, they agree that the organizer is entitled to provide this data to the same extent to other participants of the given seminar (discussion meeting), their presenters, moderators and partners.
  • These terms and conditions are effective from 1.1. 2022.